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In July, I will face one of the most difficult challenges I’ve ever experienced. And as a kid who grew up in San Francisco’s tough Mission and Fillmore neighborhoods, I know trial and tribulation. However, this challenge is different. This time I am leaving everything comfortable and moving more than 3,000 miles away across country to New York City.

Cross-country moves are demanding. They are expensive. Resettling in a new area requires a myriad of adjustments, many which are impossible to anticipate. However, one particular test may prove most difficult: the hunt for a good taco.

Of the six or so traditional foody cities in America (Chicago, L.A., Miami, New Orleans, New York, and San Francisco), New York consistently ranks near the top. With its foods representing nearly every region of the world, NY cuisine is as varied as its population. However, even with a rapidly growing Mexican population, NYC’s taco reputation yet lacks.

If the old adage “you are what you eat” rings true, I may be 50% taco, give or take a tortilla or two. Tacos and burritos are quintessential San Francisco foods—so much so that San Francisco, and in particular the Mission district, is known worldwide in food circles for its burritos. (Editor note: I have little hope of finding an adequate burrito anywhere but home, so to avoid undue despair, I am focusing my hunt solely on tacos.) So the prospect of moving to a city with a suspect taco game frightens me.

You want to know how daunting a lack of good tacos is? So much so that I’m writing a blog about it. The great tacothon, NYC edition. Feel free to leave me comments below, especially with suggestions where I may find the best New York City tacos.


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