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As we enter our second week of the Summer 2013 Term, many of us have busy schedules that can range from working full time and taking classes, working part time and taking care of children, or a combination of both scenarios. By this time many students reflect on their time management skills and see where they need to improve, but the summer is more than just improving study skills or even professional skills. Summer represents, for many, a time of relaxation and taking time for oneself to rejuvenate from the stresses of work, school, and family. What does the academic advisement team do during the summer to help relax while still managing busy schedules?

“After the long months of winter, I always look forward to the beautiful days and nights of summer, where I get to be active and catch up with family and friends. Going to the beach, playing volleyball on the sand and taking walks by the water are the most relaxing activities for me and the best part is that I still find time to do all of this after work. I love the simple things that make summer enjoyable like eating lots of ice cream, drinking fresh lemonade and seeing everyone in a good mood. Managing work and personal life during the summer is fun because you can get creative and do it all with a nice summer tan.” –Agrona Selimaj

“Summer is my favorite time of the year, not because my birthday happens to fall during this season, but because I love the beautiful greenery and warm, relaxing nights. I plan to go back home to Wisconsin to visit my family and friends. I am looking forward to taking my three year old son to the Bronx Zoo, Coney Island, Prospect Park, the American Museum of Natural History and many other wonderful attractions that New York has to offer” –Anjali Anderson-Buckley

“Visiting Long Island’s East End brings a sense of relaxation to my weekends during the summer. The long drive into the Hamptons might be ridden with traffic, but it’s worth it. My favorite thing to do while I’m there is to shop at the local boutiques. I also enjoy visiting the beautiful vineyards on Long Island’s North Fork. Port Jefferson is another summer favorite place where I like to unwind. There you will find the New Port Jefferson Brewery and local eateries such as Tiger Lily café and Tommy’s Place. The summer concert series and drive-in movies at Overlook Beach are most enjoyable after a busy day at work. When I’m there it feels like I can stay up all night and catch up with family and friends while enjoying the night’s entertainment. I am looking forward to changing my routine a bit this summer since I hope to close on my first house! The excitement of decorating, planning backyard barbeques and buying new things to make my new house feel like home will be keeping me busy.” –Ashley Hoyt

“This summer will mark the first summer in a few years that I do not devote to classes. Although I have graduated from graduate school I do research on the side. I will be working on my conference paper for The Association of Asian Studies. When I am not working, I enjoy going to the many events New York has such as summer stage, Shakespeare in the Park, film festivals, and special exhibits at a museum. The goal is relaxation and much fun in the sun. Sometimes a simple picnic in the park with friends is enough to make any day relaxing.” –Arianna Rodriguez

“During the summer I try to take advantage of the nice weather as much as I can. This can range from going to as many Yankee games as possible to a weekend getaway to the beach. I enjoy having brunch on the weekends and playing in a softball league during the evenings in Central Park. Overall, just staying busy with things that are not work related can ease the mind when my schedule gets hectic.” –Gary Washburn

“I am a graduate student during the fall and spring semester; the summers I reserve for myself. It is a time of rejuvenation for me. This summer I will be taking a trip with family to Nova Scotia. I also intend to read for pleasure, an idea alien to me during the fall and spring terms. I will pick up my guitar again to do more than just vacuum under it. I will play, sing, and connect with other musicians. The summer is here and with it all of its inherent joys.” –Jaye-Anne Sartoretto

“At the end of the spring and beginning of the Summer I love to clear out all my winter clothes and finally bring out the fun colors. I like to make sure I spend at least every weekend outside with my family. Unfortunately, ‘every weekend’ becomes every other weekend, but it is still something. I love being able to enjoy the outdoors. New York winters can be rough and one forgets that New York has many outdoor activities that one can enjoy. I make sure to take at least one big vacation; usually it is a trip to Atlantic City with my family (and trust me, no gambling is involved). I enjoy the sand and the sun while relaxing in Atlantic City. I feel that one good vacation can help de-stress a rough semester and can revitalize one for the upcoming semester.” –Johanna Rodriguez

“Summer is a great time to take weekend getaways. I like to take this time to visit friends and family who live out of state. If I am not traveling, I like to spend my weekends in a park or try a new restaurant (preferably one with outdoor seating to enjoy the weather). As an Academic Advisor, it feels like the summer can be the busiest time during the year with new students enrolling for the fall. It is important to maximize your free time during the weekend and relax with friends and family.” –Lana Callender

“While working full time and attending graduate school this past semester, it was difficult to balance out work, school, homework, family, and friends. All of these things are equally important to me. I relied on my agenda/organizer/calendar and my color pens to keep me organized. The summer is my second favorite season. To me summer means exploration and adventures. Discovering new places in New York is an all-time favorite. I enjoy going to the lake, beach, and theme parks. I relish in reading and having picnics in the park.” –Lourys Pichardo

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Agrona, Anjali, Ashley, Arianna, Gary, Jaye-Anne, Johanna, Lana and Lourys are all advisors for the CUNY SPS Academic Advisement Center for Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs. Otilia Abraham is the Associate Director of Admissions and Academic Advisement. They are dedicated to furthering the educational mission of SPS by assisting the academic pursuits of students. The Academic Advisement Center helps students with educational planning, improving study skills, accessing learning support services, and adjusting to the demands facing adult learners.