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 Artist Spotlight with Skematics

This semester we added a different element to ‘Kookin Sol,’ if you were tuned in last semester, we dealt with true music and great production. We also dealt with social justice and the power of our voices in the community. Although these issues still plague our inner cities, we decided to embrace some of the creative voices that are coming together to form a new music community. As a music maker, I see the undeniable dedication that these artists display on a daily basis; therefore we hope to present new music from new artists as we continue to work for equality and justice for all. I sincerely hope that you don’t sleep on this artist series; these artists are the voices of the future.

Our first artist hails from Washington Heights, NYC. He entered the game a few years ago with the single, “Hit Them Hard,” which was ironically produced by yours truly. Skematics went on to write music with industry notables like R.I.P. Sean Price and Saigon. He continues to shine as an underground artist that made the decision to represent good lyrics and quality music. Skematics recently completed his new EP titled, “Somewhere In The Gray” scheduled to be released early this spring. This project is sure to define Skematics voice and should solidify his ability to produce records in a climate where true music is fading quickly. Be sure to support this new project from my guy, the Dominican Dynamite, Skematics, he is no stranger to the kitchen, and is ready to serve the world that recipe he has just created through music.

Featured below is his new song titled, “Feels So Right.” Skematics takes us down a narrative path of a man who wants what he is not supposed to have. With a smooth hook featuring his home girl CrestaStarr, this track displays his maturity as an MC. Self produced; Skematics takes us on a journey reminiscent of the soul classics we grew up on! Also be sure to check out his first single featuring Saigon entitled, “4 Elements,” produced by PF Cuttin. This track lets us know that true hip-hop is still alive!  As a musician, I have witnessed the evolution of Skematics, on this project we got a chance to work together again on a track called “Understand Me.” Of course the creative process was exceptional, but more importantly we both continue to represent music, life, and equality. Do yourself a favor, download this guys new project, “Somewhere In The Gray,” be apart of history in the making. Peace.

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Jeffrey C. Suttles is a Master of Arts candidate in Urban Studies at the Murphy Institute. He is an independent songwriter/musician who completed his undergraduate studies at The City College of New York. He is currently a CUNY CAP student who continues to pursue career opportunities in publishing, communications, and the arts.