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I am a resident New Yorker, but I haven’t understood or even cared about my home state’s major attractions.

I’ll explain why.

Recently, my company moved from its midtown digs to plusher and more greener pastures at South Ferry.  There’s a conglomerate of shops, businesses, restaurants and of course Battery Park to name a few.  My initial attitude upon hearing that we were moving, was that of reservation or even unhappiness.  Why would my company decide to pick up and leave our present location to a new area that could pose to be  difficult – navigation wise?

How dare they!

After two and a half-months, the area has really grown on me.  I’m proud to say where I now work, since it’s an ideal location for any business or resident to work or live in.  I hadn’t known the many things my company was lacking in terms of location, location, location!

One of the goals any business considers when choosing where to do business – is the location.  Location is key.  It can prove to be beneficial or devastating – to say the least.

Our former address in midtown proved to be devastating because the daily walk from the subway was a schlep no one cared for especially in nasty weather.   There were a limited variety of restaurants and shops and I mean, limited!  It took an half-hour to arrive at an ideal restaurant or even a local store.

Or try eating at the same restaurant, week after week.  Who does that?  On many occasions, I’d forgo eating lunch and resort to having a snack instead, until I got home later in the evening.

So before you’re faced with a change however intense it may be, trying looking at the brighter side of things.  Who knows, you may learn a true life lesson that drastically enriches you!

Miranda A. Walker is currently in her freshman year in the B.A. in Communication & Culture program at CUNY School of Professional Studies.  She works in the multi-media industry as an Executive Assistant at the New York Daily News.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her children and reading immensely.  Her dream is to one day run her own company.