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Roots will be broadcast on the History Channel from May 30 to June 2.  It’s not a rebroadcast of the original series made in 1977, but a brand new production.  I got a sneak preview at the National Action Network Convention.  The new series is just as powerful as the original.  An elementary school teacher told me that textbook publishers are attempting to whitewash American history by trying to imply that Africans immigrated to the United States like everyone else.  The truth of slavery must continue to be taught.  If the whole series is as promising as the sneak peek I got, people will get a glimpse into the unimaginable horrors of slavery.  African Americans endured a tremendous ordeal, and we should be proud of all the progress we’ve made since fighting for our freedom.

Rhonda Harrison completed her studies at CUNY SPS to earn her post-graduate certificate in Adult Learning & Program Design. She is a social worker with a background in workforce development and currently works as an Advisor at a community college.