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I used to work at an agency that helped unemployed adults get back to work.  Recently, I remembered a co-worker and I laughing uproariously with a client over a comment she made.

The client was trying to get a job at a well-known coffee shop.  She’d just come back from an interview and was telling us how ridiculously difficult the application process was.  She was frustrated and surprised because she was not looking for an upper management position.  She wanted to get a job behind the counter, making coffee and working the cash register.  Why was the employer being so demanding in terms of education, experience, and skills?  “It’s just coffee!” she exclaimed.

In this campaign season, much is being said about the income gap.  Less is said about employers imposing unreasonably high standards upon job applicants.  Employers forget that they’re just trying to hire a worker, not get married.

As you watch the candidates and come to a decision, it’s something to think about.

Rhonda Harrison has just completed her studies at CUNY SPS to earn her post-graduate certificate in Adult Learning & Program Design. She is a social worker with a background in workforce development and currently works as an Advisor at a community college.