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Let’s talk about the Freshman 15. ¬†I know we have all heard about the extra pounds that college students tend to gain during their 1st year, but what I don’t understand is why am I gaining weight. Technically I am not a freshman and isn’t the Freshman 15 for students living away at college, in a dorm?

Or so I thought.


I really believed that because I am an older college student who is online and not on campus that I was immune to it.



The Freshman 15 is real and it is not partial to any particular age, sex, or college standing. ūüôā

I have officially gained 10 lbs since August 28th. So my message today for my fellow older classmates is the Freshman 15 is real and it applies to all college students not just the young ones who live on campus. I am finding that I have to make exercise a priority again because since starting school I traded regular exercise for homework, computer research, and Oreo cookies.

I’m almost back on track. I started going back to Bikram yoga and I walk 2 miles during lunch twice a week. So far I have lost about 4 of the 10 lbs I gained. I have not officially given up the Oreo cookies but I have been incorporating more proteins, fruits, and veggies back into my diet and I¬†use exercise as comfort, not food.

Xan Bullock is student in the HIM program. She is 40+, loving life and surprisingly school too!

It’s Friday night and I am on a date. Yeah!

Don’t get me wrong most people who are on a date are probably having dinner and taking in a movie.¬† Guess what y’all? ¬†My date night is me sitting on a computer while my date watches old boxing matches on cable.¬† But I am a college student and as much as I complain, I am really enjoying it.

I just had to post two initial discussion boards and since my date is enjoying watching old boxing matches, I also decided to post my responses to at least two fellow classmates.¬† Oh the joy of being an older college student… Maybe next week I will do something more college oriented and buy some beer and have some friends over and let them drink while I post my discussion boards.

Baby steps.


I think I am getting the hang of this whole school thing.

Xan Bullock is student in the HIM program. She is 40+, loving life and surprisingly school too!

Hello All,

This is my second post. I had to work through the kinks. ¬†Well it’s officially week 5 and although it’s a lot of work but I am actually loving school.¬† I feel so academically inclined these days. ¬†Tonight I am going to rush home to do some schoolwork and get ready for the season premiere of Vampire Diaries and Scandal.¬† Two of my favorite shows. ¬†I have to admit I am a television enthusiasts. ¬†Thank God for DVR, now I tape my shows just in case I am too busy to catch them.

I don’t know about other working adult students, but I’m so busy. ¬†Dinner will be Cap’n Crunch cereal. ¬†Speaking of cereal. ¬†For those of you who don’t know, since starting school my dinner options have been pared down to cereal, canned soup, and the occasional sandwich with a protein shake.¬† I have to admit school is giving me more of a reason not to cook (I hate cooking). It’s just easier to say I’m a busy college student and I don’t have time, then to say I hate cooking and I have always hated cooking.¬† LOL!¬† That may be one of the reasons I am still single but OH WELL, I AM A BUSY¬†OLDER (but fabulous) WORKING COLLEGE STUDENT. ¬†As you can see I am going to milk this older college student excuse¬†for all it’s worth. ūüôā

Pssst…¬† Gotta go and do some work, work. I don’t think the whole college student excuse is going to fly on the job.¬† So goodbye for now.¬† Stop by and say hi, and if you have any other easy dinner ideas feel free to share. ūüôā

Until next time!

Xan Bullock is student in the HIM program. She is 40+, loving life and surprisingly school too!

Hello All,

I have no idea what I am doing and this is a test as I try to keep up with the 21st century by starting a blog. This is from a woman who does not indulge in social media. I don’t tweet or Facebook, but I decided to join the Community Blog to discuss being an older (47), single, and fabulous college student. I also plan to write about the ups and downs of trying to hold down a full-time job, attend college half time, and the perils of being single and dating in this technologically inclined world we live. Today marks my first blog post so wish me luck.¬† LOL!

A little more about me: this is my first semester as an undergraduate student at SPS, and I am majoring in Health Information Management. I currently work full-time as an Administrative assistant in the Radiology Dept at NYU Medical Centers.

I decided to start writing for the blog because there has to be other students trying to walk through the murky waters as an employed, busy, single, older (but should I say fabulous), college student. Other students who also happen to be looking for love, while trying to gain and maintain at least a 3.5 GPA, of course. Not to mention the whole social media thing is enough to drive one into early menopause. It’s all so exhausting. So here I am joining the millions of bloggers in the hopes of venting my stress away while updating my skills as a computer savvy, multimedia goddess.¬† LOL!

Feel free to stop by and say hi and wish me well on my new adventure.

Xan Bullock is student in the HIM program. She is 40+, loving life and surprisingly school too!