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Hi all:

A few of you know that I was at University of Maryland during the last week in August to participate in a workshop on the applications of social media and emerging technologies. All of the speakers were excellent, but there are two that I wanted to point out to the health information management crowd. But the more I thought about it, these presentations should be of interest to many more SPS students, especially anyone interested in communication and culture, sociology, serving people with disabilities, and the business of healthcare.  And for sure, anyone who wants to learn more about practical research.

The first was a talk by Sylvia Chou, a program director and research fellow at the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Chou gave a broad overview of how social media is being used to connect patients with patients, patients with providers, and providers with each other. She points to a number of challenges, but also shows the successes of online communities such as Dr. Chou is a linguist and behavioral scientist.

The second presenter, Dr. Brad Hesse, is Chief of the Heath Communication and Informatics Research Branch in the Behavioral Research Division at the National Cancer Institute.  Dr. Hesse, a psychologist by training, conducts research in human computer interaction, health communication, medical informatics, and computer-supported decision making.  In his presentation, he discusses the value of technology mediated social participation and the resulting opportunities in information studies for improving healthcare.

Much more to come.

Paul Russo
Interim Academic Director, Health Information Management Programs and

Director of Online Programs

Dr. Sylvia Chou

Research Area: Patient-provider communication, social media, mixed methods research, health literacy, qualitative methods, health disparities, community-based participatory research


Sylvia Chou from Summer Social WebShop – UMCP on Vimeo.

Dr. Brad Hesse

Research Area: Health communication, informatics research, human system integration


Brad Hesse from Summer Social WebShop – UMCP on Vimeo.