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When relaxing from the classes I have taken I saw Independence Day: Resurgence. Independence Day: Resurgence is the sequel to the iconic 1996 Independence Day. The film had basically the same storyline as the first. The difference to me was the second one went more into detail about the alien invaders then the first film did.

Independence Day: Resurgence was directed by Rolland Emmerich, and takes place twenty years after the first film takes place. Independence Day: Resurgence was an excellent movie in my opinion given the action scenes in the movie. The movie shows the United States in a futuristic time period compared to the first movie. Independence Day: Resurgence’s main theme is celebrating the win over the alien invaders in the first Independence Day. Jeff Goldblum’s character David Levinson, was put in charge of protecting earth from another invasion. The main difference was that it was clear why the aliens wanted to invade earth for a second time. There was a different cast of characters then in the first movie. The movie had many action scenes and comedy scenes to keep the audience interested.

The movie had a detailed plot-line that kept me entertained from beginning to end. The action scenes were good and the storyline made sense. I will not spoil the ending for anyone. If any readers are interested in sci-fi movies this is certainly one to watch.

Ed Maher is a person who loves learning. Ed is a student at CUNY SPS in the Public Administration and Public Policy advanced certificate program. He is an avid lifelong reader, and has interests in movies, pop culture, and comedy.


Ultimate Frisbee is a game that brings people together. As someone who played Ultimate Frisbee for four years I know how enjoyable the game is. The game of Ultimate Frisbee was founded by college students. Since then the game has continued to evolve and played on various college campuses. In Ultimate the goal is to get the disk to the opposing team’s end zone without dropping the disk. Ultimate Frisbee has seven members on the field at one time. Ultimate Frisbee continues to gain exposure around the world in various countries. Ultimate Frisbee is not in the Olympics but is in the World Games.

As a brand Ultimate Frisbee continues to gain in popularity among people of all ages. There are many different types of ways to throw the frisbee. The first is the backhand, that is the basic throw. The other throws are the flick, hammer and scooper. For the flick you use your wrist to throw the frisbee. When playing Ultimate Frisbee the goal is to catch the disk using both hands. In some cases you can catch the disk with a one handed grab. When it comes to the actual game, the game is played on a soccer field. There are seven members on at one time. Ultimate Frisbee is a team orientated sport. There are many different positions on the field. In winning a match the key is to have clear communication with your team members. In terms of how the game is officiated the players on the field are the referees. In order to win, your team must get to 15 points.

The main reason the sport is popular is because frisbee brings people together. The goal is to have a team atmosphere. Ultimate Frisbee also helps people with their eventual career. From 2011-2015 I was part of the Ultimate Frisbee team at my old school. This experience helped me get out of my comfort zone and meet new people. The Farm was the name of the team I was on. We would bond when going on trips to tournaments. We would all go to the cafeteria after practice and talk about sports or movies. As a team we made sure to be welcoming to new members regardless of skill level. The new semester was a time to meet the new team members and talk about the summer. As a member of the team, we would train the new members of the Ultimate Frisbee team. The upperclassmen would teach them how to throw, the rules and the different positions. By the end of the semester we would all be getting along. Ultimate Frisbee promotes sportsmanship, diversity and getting along with others.

Ed Maher is a person who loves learning. Ed is a first year student at CUNY SPS in the Public Administration and Public Policy advanced certificate program. He is an avid lifelong reader, and has interests in movies, pop culture, and comedy.