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When we look around we can see culture and many aspects of it. Since attending the CUNY School of Professor Studies and being in the process of going for a B.A in Communication and Culture, I am learning a great deal about culture and how it shapes us and the world around us. Culture is something that we are all a part of in some way and it molds our personalities and our lives. Culture can involve something as simple as the clothes we wear all the way to our daily routines. It makes us who we and what we are. Sometimes we don’t even realize that what we do and don’t do is because of our culture. Culture and diversity go together and aides us in sharing our world with the people around us. Growing up and reaching adulthood, our culture is shaping who we are, we are exposed to it as a young age and our personal beliefs and goals may transform but our culture will always be with us, somewhere.

Since taking classes about culture, I started thinking about how diverse New York is and much how much culture there is in this state. I enjoy seeing so many ethnic groups all joined together in one place. It is amazing to have the opportunity to get to know people for who they are as human beings. When looking around, I am able to see and speak to individuals from other parts of the world. They share their heritage with me and I share mine with them as well. I think that differences in culture bring people together and it shows us that although we are different, we are the same in many ways. Taking a little time to get to know people that don’t share your beliefs and customs is imperative; it makes other more aware of the differences that we all share.

Culture is a enormous part of the world today and it has had lasting effect on the world. Culture can be taught to us at a young age but it also can be picked up by our surroundings and our environment. Taking culture targeted classes has educated me about the impact that culture has on the world. Before reading and learning more, I never really thought about culture. But now I am able to see the bigger picture of how unique different cultures are.

I think it is great to praise diversity and to get to know people outside of our culture. When I walk around my neighborhood, I can observe different people all coming from different backgrounds and holding true to their cultures. Living in a state with such diversity, where the people are all dissimilar helps to understand the true meaning of culture. I am eager to take more Communication class at the CUNY School of Professional Studies and gain more knowledge about the world around me. I encourage you all to try to meet new people with different cultures, share your ideas with them and bring the world closer together, because deep down we are all the same.

Amy Bolick is a Communication and Culture major at the CUNY School of Professional Studies. She enjoys reading, traveling and writing. Her goal is to one day be an author of children’s books so she can educate children and teach them life lessons.

College can be frightening, especially when it is something new to us. There are so many different activities going on and apprehension starts to set in. Activities such as ordering books, registering for classes, or learning how to sign on to Blackboard can all bring a confident person to their breaking point. I wanted to write this blog to inform any new students that they can find assistance during this complex time. People at the School of Professional Studies are here to help and they do a fantastic job. At first I was scared to ask for help, I felt that since I am an adult, I shouldn’t be asking for help. I soon realized that we all need assistance and the headache wasn’t worth my pride in saying I need help.

The other day I helped a fellow student on the Discussion Board for the Spring 2011 orientation in Blackboard and I have to say that it felt very good to help someone that needed it. I remember how I felt in the days building up to the School of Professional Studies online B.A, I felt excited but nervous.  Once the classes started everything seem to fall right in place. Sometimes people need technical help or even emotional support and helping a fellow student become less stressed makes me feel great.

There are also administrators and staff members that are extremely helpful.  But as important and useful as they are, I think that it is up to students to be considerate and help each other whenever possible. It is like anything in life. When you help someone, it always comes back to you. I feel confident that upcoming students will enjoy the experience of online learning once the anxiety leaves.

There are so many questions that new students have and I enjoy helping them to get everything straightened out. There are so many student resources that are available to students; everything from forms, an academic calendar, the online bookstore, tutoring and so much more. These student services are exceptionally helpful in making students feel more comfortable. In my own personal experience I found these tools helped me the out the most. When I was waiting for classes to begin, I took some time to explore all of the student services that are available on the SPS website. I also had help on the Blackboard orientation from experienced students; they helped me to feel more comfortable about the whole experience. That is one reason I feel that it is important for students to help each other because we were all once new to college and it is nice to support fellow students. I never once felt alone when starting my online B.A in Communication and Culture and I don’t want any other students to feel alone either.

I wish all the best to the new students. Enjoy this experience because it goes by really fast. Please don’t ever feel ashamed to ask for help because we were all in your shoes at one time. We are all here to help each other and I know that you will enjoy your experience!

Amy Bolick is a Communication and Culture major at the CUNY School of Professional Studies. She enjoys reading, traveling and writing. Her goal is to one day be an author of children’s books so she can educate children and teach them life lessons.

When I first started at the School of Professional Studies, I wasn’t sure how the online classes would work. But once I started, I felt at ease about online learning. I really have to say that I enjoy attending The School of Professional Studies and having classes online. Having a job, children or other responsibilities in life no longer has to hold a person back from achieving their goals. I also feel that the online class communication is amazing and having that access to discuss class material is accommodating and enjoyable.

There are many advantages to online learning and one that I most appreciate is being able to choose when to complete work. Online learning allows the student to lead a normal life without giving up of a college education. I believe that this is something that a lot of people have problems with in life, they have the desire to attend school but not enough time. Online education allows you to complete assignments on your schedule. I know that in my own life, I found it hard to work and attend college but now that I attend school online it allows me not to feel overwhelmed. Although online degrees are helpful there are still deadlines for assignments but being able to pick and choose when you want to work on an assignment is beneficial.  I feel as though I have the power to study and complete assignments at times all throughout the day. I appreciate being able to complete my degree on my own time with the helpful professors here at The School of Professional Studies.

Another big part of online learning is the online class communication. I honestly felt a closer relationship to all of my professors and classmates. The Discussion Board was amazing and helped me to gain the communication skills that are beneficial in life. I really enjoy having the opportunity to express my opinions and share my ideas with other students on the Discussion Board. I actually felt more involved in online classes than in normal classrooms. I felt as if I got more involved in the topics and gained a sense of pride for stating my thoughts. The professors here at The School of Professional Studies answer emails in a timely manner and are always eager to help you in any way they can.

We have come a long way with education, and now that more people are able to attend school online it will only improve the lives of students and their families. There are now more options in communicating online and online degrees are changing the lives of people all over. Many people that I have spoken to say that they enjoy the advantages of online learning and that they wouldn’t change a thing about it. I have to say that I feel the same way and I am honored to be attending such a life changing college. I am also grateful that The School of Professional Studies offers online degrees. Now more students are able to get their degree and change their futures, while still living their normal daily lives.

Amy Bolick is a Communication and Culture major at the CUNY School of Professional Studies. She enjoys reading, traveling and writing. Her goal is to one day be an author of children’s books so she can educate children and teach them life lessons.

When we watch television, do we see stereotypes and injustices occurring? In my class, CC 403 Mass Communication that I completed in the Fall 2010 semester, we were asked that question.  I also learned a lot of information on how there are many effects from Mass Communication and the way technology has changed the life for people all around the world. In this class we also had the opportunity to discuss some of the injustices that are being shown now or have been on television. We were asked to select one topic such as race, gender, sex, politics etc and discuss some of the ways injustices or stereotypes have occurred on television. I found this topic to be unproblematic because right away I could think of many examples. Every single day on television I can see biased material targeted towards people’s races, sex, gender, sexual orientation and political opinions. I had to narrow my decision to only one choice so I decided to write my essay about the roles that women have played on television throughout the years. I will now discuss in some detail what I talked about it my essay.

In my essay I talked about the roles that women played on two popular television shows from the 50’s: I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners. In both of these shows the wives stayed home and played the role of the housewife. I grew up watching both I love Lucy and The Honeymooners and even as a child I always wondered why the wives on these shows didn’t have to work. I would see my mom leave for work every morning and when I watched the shows I just didn’t understand why my mom had to work. I grew up thinking that one day I would have to stay home and be a house wife; I thought it was the normal thing to do. I never once thought that I could grow up to be a lawyer, doctor or a teacher but as I grew up the shows I watched characterized women in a whole different light.

When I watch television or movies these days women are portrayed in a wide variety of roles. They play the roles of working single mothers, judges, police officers, nurses etc. One example is the show called “Judging Amy” (1999-2005). This show was about a mother who was a family court judge who lived with her mom and her daughter. There is a gigantic difference in the roles of the two mothers on I Love Lucy and Judging Amy. These two women were represented in totally different ways and their lifestyles were complete opposites.  I think it is amazing the change that has occurred in the ways women are represented on television. I think both men and women can benefit from this change in the roles of women. Time has truly changed the ways in which women are represented. While completing my paper last semester, I gained the awareness of how women are sometimes portrayed and the changes that have occurred in society. I told myself that one day I will explain to my daughter the reasons why the women on certain shows in the 50’s were seen only as housewives. I will also inform her that she has the choice to be anything she wants to be in life. This goes for men and women, we must all choose the path that we want and not be persuaded by what we see of television. People must allow society to choose what represents them as an individual and not as a gender. This was a really amazing class and it really made me think about a lot of what is happening in the world around me.

Amy Bolick is a Communication and Culture major at the CUNY School of Professional Studies. She enjoys reading, traveling and writing. Her goal is to one day be an author of children’s books so she can educate children and teach them life lessons.

This has been an amazing first semester for me at the School of Professional Studies. I have taken some classes that have taught me many unique matters. One class that has opened my eyes to many of the situations that are occurring around us was Professor Jackman’s EAS 201, Nature of New York. In this class we discussed many of the animals that can be found in New York but we also discussed the ways in which we can help to keep the environment safe and clean. Professor Jackman helped his students to learn critical ways they can help the world around us. In this post, I would love to share some of what I have learned with you all. This was a great class and I would recommend taking it, it will open your eyes and is very educational.

First all, I would like to talk about water usage. This is one subject that I didn’t realize was so crucial. We all use water daily and we are fortunate to have safe and clean water, whenever we need it. Some people in this world don’t have access to clean water. We completed an experiment to see how much water we used in a total of three days. This consisted of washing clothes, cooking, flushing the toilet, brushing teeth, showering, etc. I was stunned to find out that I used 235.75 gallons of water during the three days. I was shocked because I was unaware of how much water I was using. I also try different ways to conserve water. Some students used less water and some used more. The amount of water people used varied from student to student. This experiment was a life changing experience because we all realized how much water we were actually using. Some tips that were giving in the class to help to lower the number of gallons we use are: turning off the water while brushing teeth, showering and washing dishes. The amount of water that is wasted while letting in run was shocking to learn. Some other ideas that people had were to use cold water when washing clothes so that you can mix dark and light colors into one load. I noticed that after this experiment I began to use all of the tips. I am honored to be able to share my experience with you all.

Another big part of the class that touched all of our hearts was the reading of the story “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss. If you haven’t had the pleasure of the reading this children’s book, I highly recommend it. This is a story about a Lorax who is trying to save his land. A greedy Once-ler began cutting down the trupula trees to produce clothes and other items for people to buy. A one beautiful land was being destroyed because all of the trupula trees were being cut down. The animals began leaving because their homes were being cut down. The air became polluted because of all of the cars; soon there weren’t anymore trupula trees. At the end, a boy had a conversation with the Once-ler, there was one more seed left and the boy took it. It was now his job to plant this trupula seed and help the land to become beautiful again. This was an amazing story and great for discussion. We all saw the parallels with how the world is today. I learned that we have to conserve so that we will have a clean earth to live on. This can be conserving out resources, taking more public transportation, picking up trash and so much more. I learned that when we litter, sometimes the trash runs down the sewers and can end up in our lakes and oceans. This can kill the fish that are in the water. One question that we were faced with was: Why should we care? I think that this is an important question to ask people. My answer is we should care because this is our earth and we only hurt ourselves when we don’t care. This is our planet to live on and our air to breathe. This part of the class was a huge eye opener.

I congratulate Professor Jackman for his dedication and passion that he had for this information and for the world. I learned a lot and I plan on volunteering my time to plant more trees and help out at community cleanups. There was a lot of other material that we learned during this class but I only shared some of with you all. EAS 201, Nature of New York, is a fun but educational class to take. I hope that I informed you all about this class and the many ways this it has helped me and can help you as well!

Amy Bolick is a Communication and Culture major at the CUNY School of Professional Studies. She enjoys reading, traveling and writing. Her goal is to one day be an author for children’s books so she can educate children and teach them life lessons.

Time is something that we all have but could always use more of. When I first started at The School of Professional Studies for the online B.A in Communication and Culture, I found out quickly that time management is key for succeeding. Just like anything in life, managing your time is essential to stay organized and focused. I believe that online learning is a great tool to help students to manage their time. Life is busy, there is always something that needs to be done but completing an education online can fit right in to our hectic lives. One way that I have I found to be beneficial is setting time to really sit down and focus. Learning to be persistent in completing assigned work is a great way to stay on top of your studies. My first semester has gone well for me and I plan on keeping it up.

The Discussion Board is a huge part of online education. It is very important to collaborate with fellow classmates. This helps in the “Discussion” part of the class. I also find it nice to learn how other students communicate with each other and their thoughts about weekly subjects. You really do connect with the other students in the class and even friendships occur. I feel like online learning is a great way to learn how to communicate through writing.

Another big part of online learning is turning in work on time. The Professors give deadlines and they are reasonable due dates. This allows students to learn how to manage their time as well. Turning work in on time also prepares students for the demands associated with having a job. It is best to keep a calendar with all due dates and it helps to not wait until the last minute to start an assignment. For me, I would work a little at a time so that I know I put 100% into the assignment. Remember, it is not how well you did but how well you tried. Nobody in the world is perfect but giving your all is all anyone can ask of you.

It is funny actually; when I was younger college wasn’t in my plans. I wanted to start working and making money. I thought why should I go to college? I soon learned that having a degree would allow me use my talents in many different ways. When I finally got the encouragement from family to try out college I started out at Queensborough Community College. I saw that my G.P.A was high and that I actually enjoyed college. The first time I was on the Dean’s List I became obsessed with achieving my goal. I stayed focused and pushed myself even harder. I had one more semester left to completing my Associates Degree but I decided I wanted more so I transferred to The School of Professional Studies. So here I tell you, if you have the desire then you are able to move mountains. It is great having family and friends that believe in you but nothing actually happens until you believe in yourself.

Here at The School of Professional Studies you will have all of the tools to build a great future for yourself. You just need to dedicate time for completing your work. I found that if I had a problem the Professors were eager to help me with any questions that I have. The support that I have here at SPS is amazing! I am excited about next semester and I wish everyone luck in their future goals.

I encourage you all to do your best and to never give up. I hope everyone stays focused in this adventure that we have. Enjoy it and try your hardest because hard work always pays off.

Amy Bolick is a Communication and Culture major at the CUNY School of Professional Studies. She enjoys reading, traveling and writing. Her goal is to one day be an author for children’s books so she can educate children and teach them life lessons.