The first thing I did when I submitted my last assignment during the winter session was to read a book, I miss reading so much during the semester. The reason I cannot read for pleasure during the semesters is that I always have things to read that I have to read, so if I have time to read my mind tells me that I should read things related to the courses that I am taking. This time I read a book called A Little Life, by Yanagihara, and it was sad but really, really good—I can highly recommend it. After that I read a bunch of Swedish mysteries that people visiting from Sweden had brought me over the course of the semester, which was truly nice.

Back to reality, I just started my last semester at CUNY SPS, and I am hoping to have my Bachelor’s degree in May. Hard to believe that I am actually seeing the light in the tunnel. I am taking my Capstone, and two other courses. I am not, as of right now, 100% sure what a Capstone course is but I guess I will find out. I have been assigned to my clinical site, which is where I did my clinical hours for the Community Nursing class that I took last semester. I am happy about this because I really like my clinical site person, she is great, so I am kind of dreading and kind of looking forward, and will keep you posted on how it is going and how I feel about it. I am taking two more classes, 11 credits all together while working full time and having my family that I have to tend to—it will be a tough semester I guess. I just have to make myself do it, and do the work I need to do, and know that it will benefit me for the rest of my life to have my BSN.

I had an issue when signing up for classes. My advisor told me that I need a US Experience course that I was not aware of. I made a plan when I went to meet with her when I first started at SPS, and that course was not mentioned then. If I would have known, I would have taken it already. So, this one came out of the blue, 3 extra credits that I need to take on this semester. Yet, I am very happy I double checked because I would not have been able to graduate without it. Still, I am a little upset, and feel that I was wrongly informed. But what can I do about that? Nothing really. I just have to do it. I guess that is what this study-as-an-adult is all about, setting your mind to it and “just do it.”

Happy Start of the Semester Everyone.

And, if you are still deciding if you are going to get started at SPS, “just do it!”


Charlotte Wahlquist is from Sweden. She is a graduate of BMCC and is now a Registered Nurse as of January of this year. In addition to working as a full-time nurse she is enrolled in the online RN to BSN program at CUNY SPS and is a recipient of the ACE Scholarship. Shortly after Charlotte moved to New York, seven years ago, she took a giant leap of faith and went back to school. With her five children, and an impenetrable drive to make her dreams come true—she hit the send button on her CUNY application. The time since that life-altering push of the button has been spent with many early and late hours being a single working mom, a student, and a person wishing for more hours in the day. There have been many challenges that have threatened to pull her off track; however, having her son asking to sit down next to her one night, and work on his homework next to her while she studied made her realize that she had embarked on something much larger than herself.