Dear Journal,

I have so often been reminded of the issue that other people do not understand my profession.  It has been said, that unless one has gone through the rigors of nursing school, and has gone on to get licensed, and practiced in some setting for a while, one will forever stay outside of “our walls of having been there.”  I, therefore, have taken it upon myself, this undertaking of trying to make the outside world understand.  For those of us in the profession, who just cannot find the exact words or even the right picture to enlighten an outsider about what we do, it is okay.  For, I have willingly volunteered to step up to take on this responsibility to ensure that someone out there, whoever you are, will get a feel of it’s fine grain as if in between one’s fingers, even if only for a moment.  This might mean that I may have to search the whole world over for the words, in whatever form I may find them.  Perhaps, needing to even call upon other media to give them that intended effect.  In doing so, I will lend the world my eyes.  Then, maybe then, will the rest of the world really see what we see when looking around, in our nursing scrubs.  We may travel back in time, journey back to the present, even jump to the future, and at times go outside of the topic area for a moment, as needed, in search of the words we may be looking for:

Words to come

worlds away

the person I am to become

catch the words to say

too near to be

the person I am to me

—Inah Castro

Inah Castro has been a practicing nurse since 2009. She first started out as an LPN and is currently attending CUNY SPS for her BS in nursing. She is bicoastal, as she is licensed in California as well as New York, and has over the years worked on both ends of the country. Inah enjoys writing, cooking, and boxing/kickboxing.