This post was written by Anthony Thompson, a recipient of the CUNY School of Professional Studies ACE Scholarship.

When I began this program several years ago, I thought of it as an avenue to complete my degree after having a stressful commitment to an in-class environment. For years I had been commuting from work to school, driving from work in Brooklyn to City College, and then driving home to Rockland County. The most challenging part of it all was getting to class on time, navigating rush hour traffic and then trying to find parking and reaching class at a respectable hour. By the time I walked into the classroom, I was spent mentally and physically.

The switch to online classes allowed me to work during my discretionary time. That was an extreme blessing for me. The classes have been engaging and the toll that the stressful commute was taking on my health has diminished. I have become a master of time management, and I owe it all to the support that I received from the advisors, instructors, and fellow students at CUNY SPS. Furthermore, becoming an ACE Scholar was the pinnacle of my success at CUNY SPS. I could not have succeeded without all of you. I am forever in your debt.

I am looking forward to finishing my final classes in December. I’ve decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Higher Education after I take a year off and spend some time with my family. Once again, I’d like to thank you all for your support.

Anthony Thompson is a recipient of the CUNY SPS ACE Scholarship, a scholarship program designed to support high-achieving undergraduate students Achieve College Education (ACE). He will graduate from the Communication and Media program at the end of this semester.