Several years ago, I took the Myers-Briggs personality test.  It was a pivotal moment in my career path, and part of the reason I’m now in higher education.  The test results give people insight on what their preferences are in how they absorb information, make decisions and how much structure they’re comfortable with.

Career Services Officers administer the Myers-Briggs (and similar tests) to help students select careers that fit their personalities.  In other words, you find your strengths, and then find the jobs that need those strengths.  The round peg finally finds the round hole.

Most people, including me, do it the other way around.  Look for a job, and then try to fit in.  One of my colleagues uses a free, online version with his students.  Reportedly, they find it quite useful.  Maybe you will too.

Regardless of the test, I’d still like to hear about how people found their niche, since there’s no “right way” to find that sweet spot.

Rhonda Harrison is currently studying at CUNY SPS to earn her post-graduate certificate in Adult Learning & Program Design. She is a social worker with a background in workforce development and currently works as an Advisor at a community college.