Shanntell Hamilton is pursing a degree in Communication and Media here at CUNY SPS. She works at the Freelancers Union providing holistic medical care. She recently completed prior learning assessment courses and shares her experience with us.

Shanntelle Hamilton

1. Why did you choose to continue your education at CUNY SPS?

At the time, I was looking for an online university that caters to my busy schedule; being that CUNY SPS is also a CUNY school and supportive of my personal needs, this was perfect for me.

2. What is the single most important professional or personal goal that you would like to achieve while at CUNY SPS or after graduation?

While attending CUNY SPS I would like to achieve more confidence in my writing, and I plan on achieving that goal by participating in the writing workshops offered at CUNY SPS.

3. Why did you decide to participate in PLA at CUNY SPS?

I felt for years that my job experience has gone unnoticed due to the fact I didn’t finish college. I felt that my work experience would be recognized and that PLA would also bring out the college knowledge in my work that I didn’t know I had.

4. How has the PLA opportunity helped you progress at CUNY SPS? Has it changed your view of what it means to return to school? If yes, how?

After completing PLA I have received a total of 9 credits which almost fulfilled my requirements of required elective courses, because of PLA I will now be graduating a semester early. PLA has also given me the confidence that no matter your age or circumstance you can take your experience and go back to school and achieve your goals.

5. In which ways do you believe you have or will benefit from PLA?

My on the job skills have improved and now I have more confidence knowing that I received college credits.

6. What did you learn, if anything, from the PLA process?

From the PLA process I’ve learned how to build a portfolio. My PLA portfolio was the first portfolio I have ever constructed.

7. What advice would you offer someone considering application for admission to your degree program? What advice would you offer someone considering PLA at CUNY SPS?

I would say when considering the Communication and Media degree your writing is crucial, and be prepared to write articles, blogs, journal entries, and create portfolios. Also be passionate about current events and the all the media platforms changing our world on a daily bases. When Considering PLA be prepared to interact with classmates and your instructors and have a good time dissecting your on the job skills.