CUNY SPS is proud to present this year’s ePortfolio Student Showcase, which highlights student work in individual courses, programs, and capstone projects at both the bachelors and masters level!

tyoes of eportfolios

ePortfolio provides a window into our students’ lives: who they are and who they aspire to be. While reviewing nominations to this year’s showcase, we saw a lot of CSS customization and 2015_badge3_orangemultimedia integration; providing a richer experience for viewers while demonstrating students’ digital and communication skills.

Showcase winners received an Amazon gift card and a digital badge to place in their ePortfolio. Feel free to browse the showcase website or visit the featured ePortfolios directly below.

To visit the ePortfolio directly, simply click on a student’s name. To view additional information such as the course they created the ePortfolio for and why the ePortfolio was featured, click on the image.

Congratulations to this year’s winners! If you’re interested in submitting your ePortfolio for next year’s showcase click here.