It’s Friday night and I am on a date. Yeah!

Don’t get me wrong most people who are on a date are probably having dinner and taking in a movie.  Guess what y’all?  My date night is me sitting on a computer while my date watches old boxing matches on cable.  But I am a college student and as much as I complain, I am really enjoying it.

I just had to post two initial discussion boards and since my date is enjoying watching old boxing matches, I also decided to post my responses to at least two fellow classmates.  Oh the joy of being an older college student… Maybe next week I will do something more college oriented and buy some beer and have some friends over and let them drink while I post my discussion boards.

Baby steps.


I think I am getting the hang of this whole school thing.

Xan Bullock is student in the HIM program. She is 40+, loving life and surprisingly school too!