Hello All,

This is my second post. I had to work through the kinks.  Well it’s officially week 5 and although it’s a lot of work but I am actually loving school.  I feel so academically inclined these days.  Tonight I am going to rush home to do some schoolwork and get ready for the season premiere of Vampire Diaries and Scandal.  Two of my favorite shows.  I have to admit I am a television enthusiasts.  Thank God for DVR, now I tape my shows just in case I am too busy to catch them.

I don’t know about other working adult students, but I’m so busy.  Dinner will be Cap’n Crunch cereal.  Speaking of cereal.  For those of you who don’t know, since starting school my dinner options have been pared down to cereal, canned soup, and the occasional sandwich with a protein shake.  I have to admit school is giving me more of a reason not to cook (I hate cooking). It’s just easier to say I’m a busy college student and I don’t have time, then to say I hate cooking and I have always hated cooking.  LOL!  That may be one of the reasons I am still single but OH WELL, I AM A BUSY OLDER (but fabulous) WORKING COLLEGE STUDENT.  As you can see I am going to milk this older college student excuse for all it’s worth. 🙂

Pssst…  Gotta go and do some work, work. I don’t think the whole college student excuse is going to fly on the job.  So goodbye for now.  Stop by and say hi, and if you have any other easy dinner ideas feel free to share. 🙂

Until next time!

Xan Bullock is student in the HIM program. She is 40+, loving life and surprisingly school too!