Christina Boryk has taken the position of Associate Director, Healthcare Transformation Project with Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations. She will combine her interests in health care, training and adult learning to help develop activities to improve the quality of patient care, generate system delivery changes and reduce healthcare costs. After earning her undergraduate degree at Tulane University and completing a leadership fellowship at the University of Illinois-Chicago’s School of Public Health, Ms. Boryk enrolled in the CUNY SPS Graduate Certificate in Adult Learning and graduated this semester with the class of 2013. We asked her why she selected SPS and here is what she shared:

Christina Boryk

“The two most important things from this program that will guide me in my new position are, one, a solid foundation of adult learning theory, and two, the importance of a learning community.

My professional background is in training and program development and management where I relied on my ‘gut instinct’ and what other organizations in my sector were doing. By being exposed to established theory and practicing facilitation techniques, specifically for adults, I am now able to design and deliver more effective and dynamic learning activities.

The unforeseen benefit, and the one which had the greatest impact on me personally, was the community which developed among our cohort. The opportunity to share our diverse personal and professional experiences on regular basis, and in relation to the course content (most of the time), provided a space for all of us to learn from each other. Over time, this grew organically on its own and validated that an individual’s knowledge and experiences can contribute to the group’s learning. Truly, an equal amount, if not more, of my learning came from listening to others personal stories and participating in group work and class discussions. This was such an integral part of the program, which was woven through so subtly, that by the last several weeks of our last semester that our class was a living form of our reading.”

Christina Boryk, CUNY SPS Graduate Certificate in Adult Learning Class of 2013 with her classmates at graduation