The Evolution of ePortfoliosThe annual ePortfolio Showcase highlights students who have created ePortfolios for academic, professional, and/or personal use. The showcase aims to demonstrate the many ways our students are stretching definitions and creating full pictures of their learning.

This year, in addition to accepting ePortfolio nominations from faculty, students will be able to submit their own ePortfolios to the showcase. Students who are selected as one of the “Featured Student ePortfolios” will be highlighted on the ePortfolio Showcase website, receive a badge to display on their own ePortfolio, and receive an Amazon gift card.

What is an ePortfolio?

Electronic Portfolios (ePortfolios) offer a dynamic, online space to represent your professional “self” on the Web. In higher education and in the business world, ePortfolios are a way to showcase your skills, achievements, and experiences. Whether you want to share your work with friends, family, professors, colleagues, potential employers, or graduate school admissions committees — ePortfolios provide innovative ways to market yourself while taking ownership over your own work.

The online ePortfolio platform CUNY SPS has chosen is Digication. Designed specifically to showcase academic work, Digication’s easy-to-use tools allow you to create thought-provoking and visually stimulating ePortfolios that will enhance your courses and deepen your learning experience. Once you have an SPS account with Digication, you can create as many ePortfolios as you like. You will always have access to your ePortfolios, before, during and after the semester; even after you graduate.

Watch the brief “Intro to ePortfolios @ SPS” video below to learn more about this digital tool and how it can be used.

New to ePortfolio?

If you don’t have an ePortfolio account, but are interested in creating an ePortfolio to submit in our annual showcase please send an email to the ePortfolio team at (Please be sure to include your name, SPS email address, and the degree program you are enrolled in.) The ePortfolio team will email your account information along with some basic instructions to get you started.

We’re also pleased to offer an ePortfolio Information Session on April 10, 2013 from 12:30pm – 2:00pm, where students can learn more about ePortfolios and how they can be used for both academic and career development. This webinar will explain the nature and uses of ePortfolios and will give you the tools you need to start building your own ePortfolio in time to participate in our annual ePortfolio Student Showcase.

Info Session: ePortfolios for Academic & Career Development

When: Wednesday, April 10, 2013; 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Where: Online

Already Have an ePortfolio?

If you have created an ePortfolio as part of a course requirement you should already have a Digication ePortfolio account. You’re welcome to attend the ePortfolio Information Session on April 10, 2013 from 12:30pm – 2:00pm, and/or review the many resources available to students on the ePortfolio Resource Website. To learn more about new third-party apps that can be included in your ePortfolio, click here.

ePortfolio advisors are also available to assist with conceptualization, troubleshooting, and third-party applications. You can request Live Help with an ePortfolio advisor during the scheduled virtual office hours, or send an email anytime to

Live Help

Submit Your ePortfolio!

We invite you to submit your ePortfolio to the CUNY School of Professional Studies ePortfolio Student Showcase for an opportunity to be selected as one of the “Featured Student ePortfolios” on the ePortfolio Showcase website and receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

Selections are made based on:

  • Design layout
  • Organization of materials
  • Best use of multimedia
  • Demonstration of reflective learning
  • Overall representation of academic skills, coursework, and extracurricular activities

To nominate yourself, please complete this form by May 24, 2013. Please help us recognize your great work with ePortfolio!