The view of Manhattan at night over the East River

The message below is posted on behalf of Dean Brian A. Peterson:

The City, the University, and everyone at SPS are diligently working to cope with the aftermath of the many challenges associated with Hurricane Sandy.  I want to express our deepest concerns and support for those who may have suffered loss during this challenging time.

Yesterday, as I made my way to the SPS’s offices, I noticed a number of spontaneous “charging stations” cropping up throughout midtown.  These stations, powered by generators and extension cords, have allowed individuals—neighbors and strangers alike—to power up their devices, and they remind me that small things can make a big difference.

If you or someone you know needs assistance in the coming days, resources can be found at the FEMA, the American Red Cross Greater New York Region, and NYC311 websites. For those members of the CUNY community who want to aid their neighbors, please remember that Citizen CUNY is an easy way to find volunteer efforts.  Additionally, the New York City Office of Emergency Management website is a good place to obtain current information about recovery efforts, status of transit/transportation and electricity, amongst other information.

While the recovery process from this disaster is going to be very slow, very costly, and very sobering, we will prevail.  We’ve prevailed before and I encourage all of us to do our best to recharge and support one another.  Small things—a phone call, an email, a brief conversation, a smile—can not only make a difference, but can make things happen.  I encourage you to support one another simply by being in touch.  Reach out to your fellow classmates, your instructors, your friends, and know that together we are resilient and will rise to face those challenges that are ahead.

Brian A. Peterson is the Associate Dean for Administration and Finance at the School of Professional Studies.

“Dark Light NYC” Image. Trinidad Rodriguez. 2012
“The American Entrepreneur” Image. Brian Peterson. 2012