It was a clear September morning.

The first plane struck the World Trade Center’s North Tower at 8:46 a.m.

The second at 9:03 a.m.

Terror came to NYC in the form of evil that most had never known before.  For all of the lives that were impacted on this tragic day in our nation; I  saw a glimmer of hope that transcended anything I’ve ever witnessed.

Every effort made on that day and thereafter will never be forgotten, deeply embedded in our hearts and souls.

I can’t thank them enough for their selfless act.

They’ll never be forgotten.

At a time when our nation was mourning the loss of its brothers and sisters – that same nation put aside all of its differences for the good of the people whether big or small, black or white.

This is why I love my country.

I will forever remember 9/11/01 for as long as I live.  My nation, my city and my fellow neighbor stood tall and firm; not allowing anything or anyone to pull them apart.

And while we can never forget the evil which lay dormant until that day, our love of country, life and freedom will never fail.  No matter who opposes our will to live free.

We are one nation of many, and a nation of liberty.

On this commemorative anniversary, I shall never forget the lives taken for the liberty which we fight to protect every day.

God Bless America.


Miranda A. Walker is currently in her freshman year in the B.A. in Communication & Culture program at CUNY School of Professional Studies.  She works in the multi-media industry as an Executive Assistant at the New York Daily News.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her children and reading immensely.  Her dream is to one day run her own company.