For those of you unfamiliar with the term, crowdsourcing is a marketing concept that sees establishments reach out to their audience to perform tasks normally reserved for staff and employees. Despite what it may sound like, this isn’t a mark of laziness, but rather an ingenious way to engage a community and get everyone involved in a creative process.

With the rise of social networking, crowdsourcing has become easier and more prevalent than ever. And we here at SPS, are excited to announce our first ever crowdsourcing campaign. We are opening up the design of the School of Professional Studies’ first ever mascot to all students and alumni. And we can’t wait to see what creative ideas you all come up with.

To participate in the first round of this campaign, you can visit the mascot page and send an email to The deadline for submissions is April 15th. After that, we will be continuing to croudsource the mascot by opening voting to the SPS community at large.

We look forward to the results of this particular campaign, as well as further croudsourcing endeavors.

Shawn Abraham is SPS’ Virtual Campus Manager, which means he gets to have a lot of fun building an online community for the school. He also has a lot of fun reading books about zombies. These two things rarely intersect.