College can be frightening, especially when it is something new to us. There are so many different activities going on and apprehension starts to set in. Activities such as ordering books, registering for classes, or learning how to sign on to Blackboard can all bring a confident person to their breaking point. I wanted to write this blog to inform any new students that they can find assistance during this complex time. People at the School of Professional Studies are here to help and they do a fantastic job. At first I was scared to ask for help, I felt that since I am an adult, I shouldn’t be asking for help. I soon realized that we all need assistance and the headache wasn’t worth my pride in saying I need help.

The other day I helped a fellow student on the Discussion Board for the Spring 2011 orientation in Blackboard and I have to say that it felt very good to help someone that needed it. I remember how I felt in the days building up to the School of Professional Studies online B.A, I felt excited but nervous.  Once the classes started everything seem to fall right in place. Sometimes people need technical help or even emotional support and helping a fellow student become less stressed makes me feel great.

There are also administrators and staff members that are extremely helpful.  But as important and useful as they are, I think that it is up to students to be considerate and help each other whenever possible. It is like anything in life. When you help someone, it always comes back to you. I feel confident that upcoming students will enjoy the experience of online learning once the anxiety leaves.

There are so many questions that new students have and I enjoy helping them to get everything straightened out. There are so many student resources that are available to students; everything from forms, an academic calendar, the online bookstore, tutoring and so much more. These student services are exceptionally helpful in making students feel more comfortable. In my own personal experience I found these tools helped me the out the most. When I was waiting for classes to begin, I took some time to explore all of the student services that are available on the SPS website. I also had help on the Blackboard orientation from experienced students; they helped me to feel more comfortable about the whole experience. That is one reason I feel that it is important for students to help each other because we were all once new to college and it is nice to support fellow students. I never once felt alone when starting my online B.A in Communication and Culture and I don’t want any other students to feel alone either.

I wish all the best to the new students. Enjoy this experience because it goes by really fast. Please don’t ever feel ashamed to ask for help because we were all in your shoes at one time. We are all here to help each other and I know that you will enjoy your experience!

Amy Bolick is a Communication and Culture major at the CUNY School of Professional Studies. She enjoys reading, traveling and writing. Her goal is to one day be an author of children’s books so she can educate children and teach them life lessons.