As a new year or chapter approaches in someone’s life, that person always comes up with a list of what they would like to accomplish and wish for. At least that is what I do. Being a college student, I always come up with a customized list at the start of each semester as well as at the start of a new year. For most people change can be hard to deal with but sometimes it is necessary.  I just transferred into CUNY’s School of Professional Studies for the Spring 2011 semester, so it’s been a little tough getting adjusted to a new school. I am a Communication and Culture major, which is perfect for me! I am glad that I was able to find a program that was tailored to just what I wanted to do with my life- being with people and embracing the world around me. I have always wanted to be in the event planning business, whether for large scaled parties or small ones. In the past few years when I started college, I realized that I still want to do that, but I want to plan events and work with and for non-for-profit organizations. Although the change of a new life is coming slowly but surely I have come up with a new set of goals for this new chapter of my life. It was a rather difficult but needed change to go from being super-involved in my previous college, to attending SPS where I do my schooling from wherever I may be at that present moment.  Therefore as part of my a fresh start I have come up with a few new goals .  These are easy goals that you can tailor to your life as well.

1)          Get involved as much as I can. Blogging is one of the first things I have done to get involved! Next step is visiting one of the CUNY libraries to do work and have the ability to meet other students.

2)         Look for an internship or a job in a field related to my field of concentration. I have looked for jobs in the areas where I would like to work, that is,  getting involved with a non-profit organization.

3)         Do one fun thing a week! Whether it’s going to get coffee with a friend or taking my camera and exploring a museum or the city, getting out of the house to do something and inexpensive. Check the CUNY website under Cultural Passport to check out cool places around NYC and some free ones as well. Be sure to check the dates and times of museums. FYI some are closed on Tuesdays!

4)       Volunteer! I love to volunteer and get involved helping others. It’s my turn to find something that I love to do.  Whether it’s once a month or once a week I am going to find some project to become involved in doing some type of service work.

5)         Keep a Diary! Life is too short and lately I have been trying to write in a diary, notebook or on my computer about the highlights of my week, day or some event that has occurred, that I think is important to write about. If not every night I aim to journal at least three times a week. It is also good to write things down on paper, you never know when you might want to recall what you have done.

Coming to live back home is a big adjustment.   Instead of getting into a rut and not wanting to do my schoolwork, I have turned to writing even a couple of sentences a day or a week to keeping me busy. I am excited to be a part of SPS and have had such a good transition so far.  I can thank my advisor very much for helping with the transition and getting me in contact with the right people. I did not realize what a smooth process it was to transfer into CUNY and I cannot be more excited to start classes. I have never taken an Astronomy class and now I have the chance!  This journey of life is too short and it is time to have fun. I encourage each and every one of you no matter what school you attend or where you live, to set a list of goals for yourself whether it is school or life related. Even if it is a goal for the end of the week to get that coffee or even at the end of the month; rewarding yourself in ways make life meaningful.

Louise Marie Russo is currently an undergrad at The School of Professional Studies majoring in Communication and Culture. She enjoys traveling, cooking, baking, photography as well as volunteering. Her goal one day is to work with a non-profit organization advocating for the homeless population of New York City and one day publishing a book of photography.