When I first started at the School of Professional Studies, I wasn’t sure how the online classes would work. But once I started, I felt at ease about online learning. I really have to say that I enjoy attending The School of Professional Studies and having classes online. Having a job, children or other responsibilities in life no longer has to hold a person back from achieving their goals. I also feel that the online class communication is amazing and having that access to discuss class material is accommodating and enjoyable.

There are many advantages to online learning and one that I most appreciate is being able to choose when to complete work. Online learning allows the student to lead a normal life without giving up of a college education. I believe that this is something that a lot of people have problems with in life, they have the desire to attend school but not enough time. Online education allows you to complete assignments on your schedule. I know that in my own life, I found it hard to work and attend college but now that I attend school online it allows me not to feel overwhelmed. Although online degrees are helpful there are still deadlines for assignments but being able to pick and choose when you want to work on an assignment is beneficial.  I feel as though I have the power to study and complete assignments at times all throughout the day. I appreciate being able to complete my degree on my own time with the helpful professors here at The School of Professional Studies.

Another big part of online learning is the online class communication. I honestly felt a closer relationship to all of my professors and classmates. The Discussion Board was amazing and helped me to gain the communication skills that are beneficial in life. I really enjoy having the opportunity to express my opinions and share my ideas with other students on the Discussion Board. I actually felt more involved in online classes than in normal classrooms. I felt as if I got more involved in the topics and gained a sense of pride for stating my thoughts. The professors here at The School of Professional Studies answer emails in a timely manner and are always eager to help you in any way they can.

We have come a long way with education, and now that more people are able to attend school online it will only improve the lives of students and their families. There are now more options in communicating online and online degrees are changing the lives of people all over. Many people that I have spoken to say that they enjoy the advantages of online learning and that they wouldn’t change a thing about it. I have to say that I feel the same way and I am honored to be attending such a life changing college. I am also grateful that The School of Professional Studies offers online degrees. Now more students are able to get their degree and change their futures, while still living their normal daily lives.

Amy Bolick is a Communication and Culture major at the CUNY School of Professional Studies. She enjoys reading, traveling and writing. Her goal is to one day be an author of children’s books so she can educate children and teach them life lessons.