This has been an amazing first semester for me at the School of Professional Studies. I have taken some classes that have taught me many unique matters. One class that has opened my eyes to many of the situations that are occurring around us was Professor Jackman’s EAS 201, Nature of New York. In this class we discussed many of the animals that can be found in New York but we also discussed the ways in which we can help to keep the environment safe and clean. Professor Jackman helped his students to learn critical ways they can help the world around us. In this post, I would love to share some of what I have learned with you all. This was a great class and I would recommend taking it, it will open your eyes and is very educational.

First all, I would like to talk about water usage. This is one subject that I didn’t realize was so crucial. We all use water daily and we are fortunate to have safe and clean water, whenever we need it. Some people in this world don’t have access to clean water. We completed an experiment to see how much water we used in a total of three days. This consisted of washing clothes, cooking, flushing the toilet, brushing teeth, showering, etc. I was stunned to find out that I used 235.75 gallons of water during the three days. I was shocked because I was unaware of how much water I was using. I also try different ways to conserve water. Some students used less water and some used more. The amount of water people used varied from student to student. This experiment was a life changing experience because we all realized how much water we were actually using. Some tips that were giving in the class to help to lower the number of gallons we use are: turning off the water while brushing teeth, showering and washing dishes. The amount of water that is wasted while letting in run was shocking to learn. Some other ideas that people had were to use cold water when washing clothes so that you can mix dark and light colors into one load. I noticed that after this experiment I began to use all of the tips. I am honored to be able to share my experience with you all.

Another big part of the class that touched all of our hearts was the reading of the story “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss. If you haven’t had the pleasure of the reading this children’s book, I highly recommend it. This is a story about a Lorax who is trying to save his land. A greedy Once-ler began cutting down the trupula trees to produce clothes and other items for people to buy. A one beautiful land was being destroyed because all of the trupula trees were being cut down. The animals began leaving because their homes were being cut down. The air became polluted because of all of the cars; soon there weren’t anymore trupula trees. At the end, a boy had a conversation with the Once-ler, there was one more seed left and the boy took it. It was now his job to plant this trupula seed and help the land to become beautiful again. This was an amazing story and great for discussion. We all saw the parallels with how the world is today. I learned that we have to conserve so that we will have a clean earth to live on. This can be conserving out resources, taking more public transportation, picking up trash and so much more. I learned that when we litter, sometimes the trash runs down the sewers and can end up in our lakes and oceans. This can kill the fish that are in the water. One question that we were faced with was: Why should we care? I think that this is an important question to ask people. My answer is we should care because this is our earth and we only hurt ourselves when we don’t care. This is our planet to live on and our air to breathe. This part of the class was a huge eye opener.

I congratulate Professor Jackman for his dedication and passion that he had for this information and for the world. I learned a lot and I plan on volunteering my time to plant more trees and help out at community cleanups. There was a lot of other material that we learned during this class but I only shared some of with you all. EAS 201, Nature of New York, is a fun but educational class to take. I hope that I informed you all about this class and the many ways this it has helped me and can help you as well!

Amy Bolick is a Communication and Culture major at the CUNY School of Professional Studies. She enjoys reading, traveling and writing. Her goal is to one day be an author for children’s books so she can educate children and teach them life lessons.