Time is something that we all have but could always use more of. When I first started at The School of Professional Studies for the online B.A in Communication and Culture, I found out quickly that time management is key for succeeding. Just like anything in life, managing your time is essential to stay organized and focused. I believe that online learning is a great tool to help students to manage their time. Life is busy, there is always something that needs to be done but completing an education online can fit right in to our hectic lives. One way that I have I found to be beneficial is setting time to really sit down and focus. Learning to be persistent in completing assigned work is a great way to stay on top of your studies. My first semester has gone well for me and I plan on keeping it up.

The Discussion Board is a huge part of online education. It is very important to collaborate with fellow classmates. This helps in the “Discussion” part of the class. I also find it nice to learn how other students communicate with each other and their thoughts about weekly subjects. You really do connect with the other students in the class and even friendships occur. I feel like online learning is a great way to learn how to communicate through writing.

Another big part of online learning is turning in work on time. The Professors give deadlines and they are reasonable due dates. This allows students to learn how to manage their time as well. Turning work in on time also prepares students for the demands associated with having a job. It is best to keep a calendar with all due dates and it helps to not wait until the last minute to start an assignment. For me, I would work a little at a time so that I know I put 100% into the assignment. Remember, it is not how well you did but how well you tried. Nobody in the world is perfect but giving your all is all anyone can ask of you.

It is funny actually; when I was younger college wasn’t in my plans. I wanted to start working and making money. I thought why should I go to college? I soon learned that having a degree would allow me use my talents in many different ways. When I finally got the encouragement from family to try out college I started out at Queensborough Community College. I saw that my G.P.A was high and that I actually enjoyed college. The first time I was on the Dean’s List I became obsessed with achieving my goal. I stayed focused and pushed myself even harder. I had one more semester left to completing my Associates Degree but I decided I wanted more so I transferred to The School of Professional Studies. So here I tell you, if you have the desire then you are able to move mountains. It is great having family and friends that believe in you but nothing actually happens until you believe in yourself.

Here at The School of Professional Studies you will have all of the tools to build a great future for yourself. You just need to dedicate time for completing your work. I found that if I had a problem the Professors were eager to help me with any questions that I have. The support that I have here at SPS is amazing! I am excited about next semester and I wish everyone luck in their future goals.

I encourage you all to do your best and to never give up. I hope everyone stays focused in this adventure that we have. Enjoy it and try your hardest because hard work always pays off.

Amy Bolick is a Communication and Culture major at the CUNY School of Professional Studies. She enjoys reading, traveling and writing. Her goal is to one day be an author for children’s books so she can educate children and teach them life lessons.